If something happened with your appliances and you need an operation manual, read this article! Perhaps the solution is easier than it seems.

If you are reading this article, it means that you have purchased a new domestic appliance or the old one has broken. Most probably, your old appliance has broken, or you have just bought a new one. Do not be afraid! In 75% of cases, it is not broken. You merely have not read the operation manual for your product and are not aware of the peculiarities of its operation as well as the possibilities of various defaults which may be remedied by your own efforts subject to what is suggested by your operation manual.
The problems vary to a great extent. For instance, if you have purchased a nice food processor of a famous trademark (Bosch, Miele, Kenwood, Zelmer, Moulinex etc.), then generally you may be confused  by various indicators starting to blink, while the food processor itself is not working. Have a look at the operation manual. With 95% possibility, it is not broken. Everything is quite simple, indeed, as these appliances are “intelligent” and will not work if you do not close the cap tightly or not fit in the cutting or chopping blades completely or evenly, not screw what must be screwed in your device and there are other slightest peculiarities. Remember, the operation of modern appliances is not deceptively simple. Disassembling, pushing, knocking or kissing them will not help you.  This will bring a zero result, at least, or will lead to relegating the device to the trash heap or a trip to the service center, at most. There are more severe accidents, of course, (fire, electric strokes, limbs injuries), resulting from improper use of electric appliances and ignoring the safety precautions, but they will be covered below.
If you feel the smell of burning (rubber, wire cover, plastic) from your electric device, then the operation manual will not help you in this case. You need to refer to the service center, hoping that there is still something that can be remedied. However, most often, the repair (replacement of a burnt component) cost constitutes the 60-95% cost of the device. Therefore, I recommend you to call a technician to your home in order to establish the reason in place and immediately decide on whether the device must be repaired or it is cheaper to throw it away. The above-listed points refer to almost every electric appliances ranging from food processors and refrigerators to washing machines. The key is to have an operation manual at hand. Let us not talk about sad things! Most problems are solved expeditiously and at place. For instance, in my practice there were lots of various cases: one might request the repair of a refrigerator a day after the installation. I came there, inspected it and asked what the problem was. The reply was that the refrigerator had operated for a day, but it did not refrigerate at all! I looked inside and discovered that the refrigeration indicator was set at zero. If new owners had read the operation manual, they would have known that “0” is the same as “Off”, and 1,2,3…9,10 means “On” (10 stands for “very cold”). By the way, the scale may be in a reversed order…everything is related to a manufacturer. There was another case: they installed an expensive Bosch machine with intelligent control and had checked everything. I received a call three days after, and they told that water was leaking through the washing agents supply box (where powder, a softener, bleach, etc. are poured into). I came there, checked that.  The reason was that a little daughter wanted to help her mother with laundering and fitted a large piece of soap into the supply box, which, in part, clogged the washing agents water drain. The repair lasted for 30 seconds. There are lots of similar stories. Therefore, do not forget: if something works not like it should be, first read the operation manual carefully, have a look (there is not any problem, perhaps), and should you run out of ideas, call a repairman.

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